Many people who access this web site do so in order to find out about vitamin D. They may have a specific illness that they have heard is connected to vitamin D deficiency, or they may have been told by their doctor that their vitamin D level is low. It takes time to scroll through all these entries, so this is a guide on how to find out about vitamin D in the most efficient way.

Entry #7: Update on Vitamin D – 2010.

This is a very concise summary of some of the major actions of vitamin D. This would be the FIRST thing to read. In fact, if you read only this, you will know quite a bit about vitamin D. In the last year there have been similar articles published in medical journals with documentation of dozens of references.

#15 and #23 : both give details regarding breast cancer.

#17 and #25: osteoporosis and documentation of improvement in bone strength with vitamin D.:

#9, #12, and #21: multiple sclerosis, including the details of a total remission. One of the best web sites on the subject is available at www.VitaminDMSCure.com. Anyone who is interested in MS should the several pages on this this web site.

#14: influenza

#24: rheumatoid arthritis

#19: myasthenia gravis

#28: scleroderma

Entry #2 and #18 give further updates with a list of some vitamin D related conditions.